PSG Sleep scoring services, focused on providing professional sleep study scoring to increase the efficiency and productivity of your sleep laboratory. Outsourcing your sleep study scoring saves your time and money.

We follow American Academy of Sleep Medicine guidelines as outlined in "The AASM Manual for the Scoring of Sleep and Associated Events", Rules, Terminology and Technical Specifications.

Mohammed. Azmathullah Khan RPSGT is the Director Operations. He is among the most experienced RPSGTs in the industry. He constantly review the scoring performed by a board certified team for quality and efficient scoring services.

Studies scored include Diagnostic and split-night sleep study , CPAP and BiPAP titrations, MSLT,MWT & Home based sleep studies for adult and pediatric populations. We have no minimum requirements for the number of studies you send, we respond to your needs based on your laboratory internal requirements.

PSG Sleep Scoring services provide you prompt turnaround of studies, based on your needs - this includes 12 hour to 24 hour and maintain the strict compliance standards and exceeds HIPAA requirements in every aspect of the chain of data transmission and preservation.

We ask you to send us trial studies for us to score. This will allow you to assess our approach and see our quality standards to ensure our scoring meets and exceeds your expectations.

We are HIPAA compliant since there is no file transfers exist between computers. We remotely connect to your computer by using remote desktop connection that is available in any Windows XP or 2000 computer. We do remote scoring using a secure VPN connection to your server.

If you have any questions or need any clarification on how this process can work for you please send an email to get more information on how we can set up this service for your lab today.

We look forward to the possibility of helping with your scoring needs.