P - Professional
        S - Scoring
              G - Guarantee


We work on different software's including REMLOGIC, REMBRANDT, SANDMAN, ALICE-G3
, ALICE-5, SOMNOSTAR,SOMNOLOGICA, COMPUMEDICS PROFUSION, GRASS, XLTEK, SENSORMEDICS. If you work with other systems please contact us for more information. There are no contracts to be sign either, unless you requested.

We have a team of dedicated fulltime professionals located in India. Studies will be delivered in a timely manner, scored accurately with great attention to detail. All Studies, we score are subjected to rigorous quality control measures including inter-scorer reliability tests at regular intervals.

To start working together there is no need to have extra hardware, software or fees. We offer the most reasonable rate as well as most qualified Scorers to work with you. You will never have to worry about quality of service performed as well as overpaying for sleep study scorings because our technologist’s have commanding knowledge and understanding of current industry standards and protocols. We score sleep studies following the AASM guidelines but, most of all, we consider the scoring guidelines preferences of your medical director.

We are working around the clock and guarantee that any of your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

Rates & Services:

Our services are competitively priced at US $19 Per study which includes a 24 hour turnaround guarantee. We don’t charge for any urgent Studies scored in 12 hours turnaround time.